History of Crystal AB

“You can never go wrong if you take nature as an example”
-Christian Dior

Crystal AB is by far the most popular coating added to Swarovski crystals. The sparkling rainbow effect has been around for more than 60 years and all began with a fashion collaboration.

“In 1956, Manfred, son of founder Daniel Swarovski, began working with Christian Dior on a new crystal that encapsulated Dior’s creative vision. Aurora Borealis (AB) became its name, and the rest was history.

He came up with a micro-thin layer of vaporized blue metal, with which he coated crystals’ lower   facets. The result was an explosion of     translucent, rainbow-hued, refracted light with an otherworldly feel that recalled the Northern Lights.”

– Swarovski’s Aurora Borealis Crystal Innovation